Israel Served For A Wife

(Hosea 12:10-12)

Barrett Holloway, March 2, 2014
Part of the None series, preached at a Sunday Morning service

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2014-03-02-1030 - Israel Served For A Wife from Cherith Baptist Church on Vimeo.

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Hosea 12:10-12

10 I spoke to the prophets;
it was I who multiplied visions,
and through the prophets gave parables.
11 If there is iniquity in Gilead,
they shall surely come to nothing:
in Gilgal they sacrifice bulls;
their altars also are like stone heaps
on the furrows of the field.
12 Jacob fled to the land of Aram;
there Israel served for a wife,
and for a wife he guarded sheep. (ESV)