Sermon Audio Quality – On Sermon 2017-07-09-1030 – The Voice Of The Son Of God

We are very sorry for the audio quality of this sermon, but we felt that it was important to get this sermon posted. We hope to have this technical issue resolved for the upcoming sermon we are working on. Sorry for your inconvenience.   Larry

Sermon Audio Issues

We are sorry for the poor audio on this weeks sermon(04-02-2017), but felt it was God’s will to publish it. We hope to have this technical problem worked out for the Wednesday worship message. May God bless you in the hearing of His word is my prayer. All glory goes to God and my Lord […]

Cherith Video Sermons

As of this past Sunday night, we noticed that the Cherith Video Sermons were issuing errors. We are in discussions with our hosting site to determine what has changed.  You will still be able to listen or download the audio sermon from the site.  Also, you will be able to view the video by […]

Herod And All Jerusalem Were Troubled

Mt 2:3 When Herod the king had heard [these things], he was troubled, and all Jerusalem with him. I can understand why Herod the king was troubled for he has received news of a rival. In his mind, there has been born one that would take his place and his kingdom would be under the […]

Sorry for Delays in Updates to Sermons on the Website

Many of you are already aware of why there are delays in the updates to the website, but for those who aren’t I have been hospitalized since August 5th and am now in rehab as a result of my 8th back surgery. Your prayers for this ministry and my health would be greatly appreciated. All […]